Audi A3 Sedan: sexy German blueprint comes alive

I really like em, just like you. Sedans have been the crowned automotive type for the past decades in the US, quite the contrary happened to Germany, however. Over the last two tens of years the hatchback caught on among owners and drivers year by year. It’s useful but consistent design became prevalent. I for one dig notchbacks – inexplicable you might think. However, there is proof that the Audi A3 sedan could change our preferences again or at least be one of the triggers given the prior release of the Mercedes-Benz CLA for the slowly but ever changing trends in style and design.


Measuring 4.64 m in length the four door version is 15 centimeters longer than its base, the A3 Sportsback. The stunning looks and aggressive appearance issue from a 11 mm wider body which ultimately draws similarities on a competitor’s car as soon as you examine the front wheel wells from the rear. LED head and rear lights are state of the art, just have a closer look for all the details. Whereas the beautifully designed stop lights taper off to one another, the contents of light housing next to the single frame grille is charted ingeniously. The designers made extensive use of (dead) horizontal elements as well as interweaved lines. Those could reflect the striking shoulder and bold tornado line found at the car’s side styling. A side skirt and a double tail pipe add to the sportiveness, hence part of the optional S line package. I would like to mention the gorgeous S line rims with arms wrapped in matt black.



Interior look and feel? You name it – it’s an Audi put simple. All the materials you can choose are identical to those that will come with the A3 Sportsbrake. Due to the notchback a lot of concerns raised from Main Street. I declare those void! If you don’t exceed 6“1 resp. 185 cm in height you will feel pretty comfy in back seats. Four adults should be the limit nonetheless – the middle seat was not meant to be used. In fact none is made functional in the mid-range. Just open the trunk and put all those things that don’t fit or could possibly hurtle through the air in there! A total of 425 liters can be fed your luggage. You will be stunned how many water bottles fit in there! The rear bench can easily be turned down which results in a capacity of 880 l.


I don’t feel the need to explain to you the Audi MMI which is one of the best in-car-entertainment systems out there! Everything’s reacts fast, the graphics and layout is reduced to a minimum for ergonomics but most of all it’s one thing: intuitive. A hint when scrolling through menus via track pad: iPod users have to twist it in reverse ;)



Motorization is one of these topics manufacturers handle with intense care. To give you an impression which engine suits this car, we have driven three of them. Even though I enjoy driving a diesel engine I have to admit that the 2.0 TDI (150 hp/320 Nm) is not as much fun as expected (still 8,5 sec 0 – 60), yet its raison d’être is because of economics. We reached an average fuel consumption of 5.4 l/100 km which equals 47.04 MPG. The car maker underlines the importance of this magnificent unit: 40 percent of all A3 Sportsback sold in the US were fitted with a diesel engine.



You like listening to a clever working exhaust system while going fast? There is also an option for that! Modified for the North American market the 1.8 TFSI engine will be boosted to at least 190 hp thanks to loose emission regulations compared to Germany. Both engines are available with S tronic automatic transmission, albeit the spicy petrol aggregate matches the six-speed manual gearbox like its custom tailored. Two different kinds of sport suspensions are also available.


Don’t be a dick if you are ordering one though, quattro (AWD) is a must once serpentines and tough turns appear in your thoughts about an extensive road trip. Given the fact that the sedan has exactly the same wheel base as the Sportsback, the overall handling is a great tradeoff for the twisted personality of this car, depending on your engine selection. For European customers my advice is not waste a minute with a glance at the 1.4 TFSI package at all. Curb weight (FWD w/ s tronic) amount to 1250 kg – 140 horses are not enough, at least it didn’t feel right.


The Audi A3 sedan is versatile and the appearance resembles a bombshell. There is no doubt that German notchbacks will brisk up the local markets in NA – it’s still up to you if you want to make the ride fun or efficient. Audi drive select is a compromise which gives you some setups for different occasions. I’m excited how and which model is going to be the bestseller in the US.