DMC Ferrari 458 Spider

Renowned for their vast modifications to all sorts of Lamborghini models DMC earned themselves a conspicuous part among the tuning scene in the US. Now they took onto the Ferrari 458 Spider, a design masterpiece of its own. In fact they considered lowering the suspension would make it look even better, yet way beyond the casual driver’s ability to drive it properly without damaging anything of the body kit.


A double chin splitter at front in dark black, the hood with air outlets boasts the same color. Wide side skirts create the illusion of a wide bodykit applied. But what I like most about this special treatment to the 458 is the rear wing and special mirror houses of carbon fiber. The original rims come in size 21″ (front) and 22″ (rear), with Pirelli Sport tires fitted.


Last but not least the DMC upgrade provides an extensive ECU remapping which generates 608 ponies (in comparison to 570 hp stock). A total of 568 Nm of torque throb the gear box thanks to a more impulsive V8.

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