1500 Miles in a Miata: Our Epic Roadtrip from Dusseldorf to Marseille

This time we will take you with us on an epic journey from Western Germany southbound to the scenic switchback of Aux and Marseille. South of France is well known for their richness in sights located at ocean-side, in old town and near the ascent of mountains. Our mission is, however, not to find the most beautiful roads and path during the trip but its initial challenge is to prove that a Mazda Miata will be the perfect tool for narrow and windy streets right around you. It’s the perfect tool to cross cities with ease by wedging through the jungle of one-ways and pedestrian precincts.

One might think it’s obvious that it will do the job perfectly well. Now we come to the fun part eventually: did you know the trunk capacity is limited to a total of 150 l? Now rethink, we have to fit all our luggage and equipment in this tiny boot and all available shelf spaces inside the car. There is an inevitability it has to swallow as much baggage as required for a total of seven days by two persons.

As a side note: my co-driver is larger than 6’3″ (190 cm). Put in a nut shell: there is no other way than to drive more than 2100 kilometers (1500 mi) with the top down. Let’s see how our fuel economy will be effected by turbulances caused by passengers. Please cross your fingers for bright sunshine during the entire trip! Follow all our adventures on Facebook, twitter and Instagram (Hashtag #MX5RT).

Have a look at my colleagues most interesting routes to drive (German language):